Being Serbia’s second largest city, far less hectic and far more laid-back than Belgrade, Novi Sad offers its visitors culture, vibrant nightlife, delectable cuisine, friendly citizens and alluring charm, all wrapped up with style.

The pleasant atmosphere that rules the city provides you with the feeling of comfort, tickling your imagination, prompting many questions and making you more curious with every step you make.
Summers in Novi Sad used to be lethargic and totally dull. Then the story changed – within just a few years, it has become very lively and dynamic, partly thanking to numerous cultural events that arose from the creative minds of young people and, one by one, came into being.
The best way to meet the city is to meet its residents – you may find out a lot more talking to people than just strolling along the streets on your own, led by the map, ticking off every sight in a guidebook.

Friendly locals may lead you to the hidden corners of the city, introducing you to the specific rituals they have; and they may also teach you several phrases in the Serbian language so you know how to greet and thank people, order a drink or make the toast „ziveli!“.
You definitely shouldn’t plan your stay in Novi Sad too thoroughly in advance; as once you step onto its streets, you may be possessed by the feeling of pleasant unpredictability…