You should start your sightseeing tour at the Liberty Square – the main city square which has witnessed a number of significant events such as New Year’s Eve celebrations, concerts and manifestations of different kinds. The square is surrounded by The City Hall, The Palace of Finance (Bank of Vojvodina), Catholic Church, Tanurdzic’s Palace, Hotel “Vojvodina” etc. The statue of a former Novosadian mayor, politician, journalist and lawyer Svetozar Miletic takes the central place of the square.

trgZmaj Jovina street stretches all the way from the main square to The Bishop’s Palace representing the main pedestrian zone in the city. It got its name after a famous Serbian poet and doctor Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj whose statue could be spotted at the beginning of the Danube (Dunavska) street. Its colourful facades and architecture describe the picturesque and vibrant life of Novi Sad in the past times and today. The authentic ambient has been well preserved thus the street stands for the Novosadians’ favourite destination – they enjoy going shopping there, strolling along the cobbled pavement or simply to relax in the cafes.

The Danube Park is the most beautiful park in Novi Sad, in heart of which there lies a lake with a tiny island called Erzebet. It is named after an Austrian Empress who tragically died and therefore, apart from one weeping willow, it has been dedicated to her. You can see two white swans Isa and Bisa, and a number of ducks and turtles, living in and around the lake, especially in the summertime.

Ilija Ramic 087Petrovaradin Suburbium (Gradic) is located at the right bank of the Danube river, and together with the fortress, represents an attractive and unique ambient. With its narrow, crooked and cobbled streets and charming buildings, it passes the spirit of the past times.

Petrovaradin Fortress has been known as the Gibraltar of the Danube. It has been well preserved and is considered to be the second largest fortress in Europe. The Clock Tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. What is interesting is the fact that the big hand shows the hours, and the small one shows minutes. The reason for this was very practical – it used to help people, especially sailors to see the time from a great distance.

tvrdThe Danube has always been of a great significance for Serbia, hence its nickname “The Blue Highway”. Novi Sad is the city with the most beautiful beaches on the Danube – both on the islands and coasts. Strand is the best kept and most visited public beach which is very crowded during summer. On the other hand, there is a variety of natural conditions, habitats and cultures around the river, all of which make the rich natural and cultural diversity. This is, however, the most important catalyst for the tourism development of Novi Sad.