Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Greeters' duties?

Greeters show the city to its visitors, present them its values, attractions and less famous spots in town, according to the their preferencies.

Who can become a Greeter?

Anyone that is proud to be a Novi Sad citizen and would like to be a kind and friendly host.

Should the Greeters' services be paid?

No. Greeters are volunteers who do not expect money for their services nor the visitors should pay for them.

Should the costs Greeters make during hosting be refunded?

No. Self-motivated charges are not refundable.

Do Greeters pay admission fees at galleries, museums and other cultural institutions?

No. Greeters have ID cards which provide them with the free admission to particular institutions.

What languages should Greeters speak?

The more languages they speak, the bigger chances to be hired they have.

How do we recognize Greeters?

Anybody who goes through the training session and becomes a member of the Greeter network would get his/her personal ID card that should be visible at any time during the hosting.

How are Greeters and visitors paired and where do they meet?

They are paired according to the language and preferences required. They agree on the place and time they will meet.

Are Greeters professional tour guides?

Greeters are not professional tour guides and do not have a tour guide licence. This does not mean that a professional tour guide can not become a Greeter.

Are there any established routes that the Greeters use when hosting the visitors?

No. Each hosting is unique and specific. There are no itineraries established in advance.